I believe involving parents in our Phi Mu experience is so important. Behind each of us stands a family who molded us from the girls we once were to the women we are today.
— Mary Ruth Corwin, Fall '15

Phi Mu families are so important to our sisters.  They are our support system throughout our Phi period, intramural games, academics, and so much more.  We invite our families to celebrate our Phi Mu sisterhood by hosting family events several times a year.

In August we invite our moms to a Mother/Daughter Tea just before Formal Recruitment. Our moms get a chance to talk to several girls in the chapter while enjoying refreshments and dessert.

In September the chapter hosts Family Day for Southeastern's first home football game of the season. Parent's and siblings enjoy BBQ, snacks, games and more while tailgating with family and friends.

Last semester the chapter also hosted Father/Daughter Cookout at the Phi Mu house. Our dads got a chance to see what Phi Mu is all about.

In order to help our parents better understand our bond in Phi Mu, we have a Parent's Association.  This group of parents volunteers to help the chapter in any way they can.  Our Parent's Association Chair also keeps them updated on chapter news with our monthly Newsletter, Alpha Psi Scoop.

Phi Mu has been such an important part of my life, both in college and in the years since. There are simply no words to describe the feelings when BOTH of my daughters also became Phi Mus. From the moment I received a photo of the signed bid card to Bid Day, Initiation, and all the events in between, it sometimes is all I can do not to let my emotions get the best of me. We are not only mother-daughters, but best friends, and now sisters.
— Michelle Chauvin, Alpha Psi Alumna, Fall '87

A unique experience that several of our members have had is the opportunity is to share this amazing sisterhood with their actual sisters. 

Being in Phi Mu with my sister has made our relationship immensely stronger. Don’t get me wrong we’ve always been close, but in the “she lives in the room next to mine” way. Now she’s my best friend, my go-to person, and my partner in crime. I have no doubt it’s the bond we share in Phi Mu that has brought us this close. I couldn’t thank her enough for convincing me to go Greek because not only have I grown closer to her, I’ve gained 100+ new sisters that I wouldn’t trade for the world.
— Morgan Hall, Fall '15