In addition to supporting the philanthropic efforts and educational and leadership programs of the Fraternity, Phi Mu Foundation focuses on furthering the lifetime development of women through scholarship opportunities, member assistance, and preserving Phi Mu’s rich history.

For the 2017-18 academic year, $231,900 was awarded in scholarships to 180 collegiate & alumnae members.


Scholarship Opportunities

Taylor Mangus, Fall '14, Hannah Staton, Fall ‘16 and Madison Bentivegna, Fall '17, received a Phi Mu Foundation Academic Scholarship in 2017! Taylor, Hannah, and Madison are currently in SLU's nursing school!

In 1852, it was rare for a woman to attend college, let alone graduate with her degree.

Our Founders were among the first of their generation to attain a college education; in fact, Wesleyan College was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Mary, Mary, and Martha were each very fortunate in their quest for learning, and we are pleased to share that same privilege with our membership today.

Phi Mu members are encouraged to apply for the more than 100 graduate and undergraduate scholarships funded through Phi Mu Foundation each academic year. Most scholarships are unrestricted, but some have been established for a particular chapter, field of study, state of residence or college. Only one application is required to be considered for all scholarships. Applications are available each year on January 1 and must be submitted by March 1.



With the Great Flood of 2016, several of Alpha Psi's members lives were greatly affected. The Phi Mu Foundation emergency grants provided them with help that they so desperately needed.

The Leona Hughes Hughes Heart & Hand Fund

The Leona Hughes Hughes Heart & Hand Fund provides emergency grants for collegiate and alumnae members in good standing who experience financial distress due to natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other severe personal or family problems. Grants are provided to assist members with basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, immediate or extraordinary medical care, and other purposes. Funds can also assist with educational expenses, such as books and supplies.

Betty Nell Wilkinson Emergency Fund

The Foundation also offers the Betty Nell Wilkinson Emergency Fund for women affected by catastrophic situations such as illness, death, divorce, natural disaster, etc. The Betty Nell Wilkinson Emergency Fund is for educational purposes only.

In 2016-17, 10 sisters in need with $20,700 in member assistance grants were lent a helping hand.


Historic preservation

With 166 years of vibrant Phi Mu history we also have 56 years of unique history within Alpha Psi. From winning Greek Week this past year, to the Carnation Cup in 2012 and even the founding charter from 1962, our house is like our one-of-a-kind museum.

Ensuring our members can connect our past and present to our future is critical to educating future generations on the legacy of our Phi Mu sisterhood.

Our Founders were true visionaries of their time, serving as pioneers for women as scholars, leaders and philanthropists. This is why protecting and preserving the history of Phi Mu is one of the Foundation’s most cherished responsibilities. Added to our mission in 2014, historic preservation is at the heartbeat of what we do each day.

In 2016-17, our past was preserved with $45,158 in support of the Heritage Museum archives & Philomathean Room.


Leadership & educational programming

In 2017 Alee Hess was honored to attend the annual Leadership Institute held at National Headquarters. The Phi Mu Leadership Institute provides an opportunity for at least one emerging leader from each collegiate chapter to come together for a 4-day leadership program to enhance their leadership skills.

Under the guidance of our joint strategic plan, Phi Mu Fraternity and Phi Mu Foundation have a shared vision to develop confident, vibrant women.

Investing in leadership and educational programming like the Chapter Consultant Program and the Phi Mu Leadership Institute challenges our members to think big; to be confident in their abilities to solve tough problems and lead others to find solutions in a complex environment. These programs encourage women to push doubts and uncertainties aside and to lead with confidence each and every day.

In 2016-17, $226,000 was dedicated to Leadership & Educational Programming.


m3 campaign

Collegiate chapters who achieve 100% participation of their membership in M3 will receive a custom-designed t-shirt for each member. Alpha Psi proudly achieves the 100% participation every year while doing an additional fundraiser as well!

The M3 Campaign is Phi Mu Foundation’s largest Annual Fund campaign.

Every March, sisters and friends of Phi Mu join together to honor our Founders – Mary DuPont Lines, Mary Myrick Daniel and Martha Hardaway Redding – and support our sisterhood with gifts to the Phi Mu Foundation M3 Campaign. Since 2011, the M3 Campaign has raised more than $1.6 million to help further the lifetime development of women through Phi Mu’s leadership, scholarship, philanthropic and educational programs, and historical preservation.