Letter from our membership director

Hey y’all!  The ladies of Phi Mu are very happy to welcome you to Southeastern!  We are so excited about your decision to participate in formal recruitment with us and know that by getting involved your collegiate experience will be much better.

Going through formal recruitment is one of the best decisions you will make in your college career. You will have the chance to make great connections and network with a variety of amazing Greek women.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The connections you make will last a lifetime in both your professional and personal lives.  The bonds of sisterhood that you will form will create Godmothers for your children, bridesmaids for your weddings, and the deepest connections of your life. 


Here at Phi Mu we try to live out our ideals - Love, Honor, and Truth - in all things we do.  You can find us serving our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, excelling in classrooms around campus or just hanging out with our vibrant sisters.  We wish you the best of luck during formal recruitment and hope you find the best friends you never knew you needed!


Katie Bach


MEET OUR PHI DIRECTOR, layne templet!


What are you most excited about?

I am most excited for these girls to call Phi Mu home and all that comes with it. This sorority is more than just four years, it is for the rest of my life. I want them to make incredible friendships and meet their future bridesmaids. Most importantly, I want these girls to grow and thrive in who they truly are.

Why did you want to be Phi Director?

Joining a sorority was something I never thought I would want to do. By it was through my time as a new member that I absolutely fell in love with Phi Mu and felt so at home. I want every member in Phi Mu to feel like Phi Mu is home to them. 

What's your favorite part about Phi Mu?

The best part about Phi Mu is the relationships you will build. I am friends with girls from different backgrounds and have different interests, but we will always have something in common. I have gained some of the greatest friends and I could not have done it without Phi Mu. These girls will challenge, encourage and better you for the rest of your life. 

What do you want the Potential New Members to know before Fall Formal Recruitment?

I would tell every girl going through recruitment to forget everything you have ever heard about the process and come in with a open mind. It is not about what you have heard about the different houses, but where you feel like you belong. Which house do you see yourself growing and becoming the woman you have always meant to be. In each house look around the room and think about where you see yourself. But, the buggiest thing would be do not focus on anyone’s opinion but your own. 


welcΦΜe to paradise

We were so excited to welcome home 29 new members this fall! 

Welcome HΦΜE