Letter from our membership director

Hello everyone and welcome to Southeastern Louisiana University! Now that you have chosen the best university around, it is time to think about broadening your horizons and experience what Greek life here has to offer. We, the members of the Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Mu, are extremely excited about this upcoming formal recruitment and having the chance to expand our sisterhood.

Going through sorority recruitment is one of the best decisions you could make during your time here at SLU. It gives you the opportunity to meet amazing Greek women and learn all about what sorority life has to offer you. At Phi Mu, we work towards giving you the opportunity to learn more about our meaningful and exciting sisterhood. We have ladies involved in all aspects of campus life and look forward to being interactive in events Southeastern has to offer. As Phi Mu members, we try to live out our ideals of love, honor, and truth in everything we do. Whether it be through serving our philanthropy, continuing our scholastic success, leadership and sisterhood we do it all with class. We wish you the best luck in recruitment and hope you find the friendship we have here in Phi Mu.



Maggie Burchfield


MEET OUR PHI DIRECTOR, caroline dejohn!


What are you most excited about?

I can't wait to see the new members fall as deeply in love with Phi Mu as I am! Phi Mu is truly a blessing for each member and gives everyone a unique experience. I’m so excited to get to know each and everyone in our next pledge class. 

Why did you want to be Phi Director?

When I joined Phi Mu in Fall '16, my Phi Director had such a huge impact on my experience. I want to give the new girls that same experience I had. I want their Phi period to be something that they will cherish far beyond their years in Phi Mu.

What's your favorite part about Phi Mu?

The best part of Phi Mu is how understanding and accepting everyone is. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, there is always someone there to comfort you and listen when you need it. I know that for me, that was a huge reason I fell in love with Phi Mu. Having over a hundred sisters who are there for you no matter what, even if y'all aren't best friends, is what really makes the experience in our chapter like no other!

What do you want the Potential New Members to know before Fall Formal Recruitment?

I would say to keep an open mind and not let the opinions of others sway you from where you feel like you truly belong. It's all about finding a place that feels like home, and where there is someone you can go to for anything everywhere you turn. I wish someone would have told me before to take it all in because recruitment really is an incredible experience. It may feel like one of the most stressful times in your life but just take a deep breath and you will end up where you need to be in the end!


welcΦΜe to paradise

We were so excited to welcome home 24 new members this fall! 

Welcome HΦΜE

Kylie Ballard, Karley Bordelon, Kayla Brito, Gina Catalanotta, Jordan Diez, Hannah Jones, Madison Kent, Alissa Long, Jordyn McKey, Nicole Newell, Cassye Jo Norris, Alyssa Pardee, Bree Raborn, Kristen Raiford, Keri-Ann Schexnayder, Maranda Scopes, Madison Sedlock, Baylee Smith, Layne Templet, Madeline Templet, Gabby Thompson, Patricia Todd, & Jamie Wetekamm