Phi Mu Forever

Thank you.

Thank you, seniors, for you have shown us what it means to make the most of our years in college. You may not even realize the impact you have made, but you have truly inspired all of us in one way or another. Since the start, each of you have made everyone feel welcomed. You have been amazing friends and you have been even better role models. Thank you for setting a good example of what a sister truly is. Thank you for showing us the ropes of college so we would know what to do and what not to do. Thank you for being a mentor to anyone who needs help. You always knew what to do, and you passed that knowledge along to us. You have always been real, and honest. You always know exactly what to say, and how to be gentle. Having been through all the ups and downs of college, you have all been pros by the time we go through them, and your advice is what has got us through. Knowing that you made it all the way to graduation, tells us that someday, we will be there too. You have made this organization what it is, and have now passed on the tradition. Thank you for making our chapter great. Every time you are around, you fill the room with love and joy. You have been the backbone of our chapter, and have taught us all so much. You have loved everyone through the good and the bad. You have carried on our legacy as women of Phi Mu, and handing it down to all of us. Each and every one of you truly embody what it means to be real, strong, and vibrant in all aspects of your life. You have spent the last four years of your life, meeting your best friends, growing as a professional, and doing your absolute best to pass down your knowledge before you leave us. Thank you for leading us in the direction of strong sisterhood and strong friendships.

The love and respect we have for you is immeasurable.

Thank you, seniors. We will miss you!